The Dain Norman Band​-​Garage Blues EP

by The Dain Norman Band

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Recorded in Tacoma, and Seattle, WA, August, October, 2015, and July-September 2016, a Hello Jude Production.


released September 2, 2016

All songs written and performed by Dain Norman unless otherwise noted. Bass on tracks 1, 3, 4, 5 by Noah Harvey. Drums on tracks, 4, and 6 by Patrick Brockwell. Drums on track 1 by Thene Singleton. Violin on track 5 by Adi West. Produced, mixed, mastered and engineered by Dain Norman, except for track 1, produced by Thene Singleton, and Dain Norman. All songs Hello Jude Productions.



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Dain Norman Tacoma, Washington

The Dain Norman Band is a three-piece-revivalist-rock n' roll outfit out of Tacoma, WA, performing all around Washington and Oregon, stemming from a solo project of singer/songwriter, Dain Norman. Hailing influences from Creedence Clearwater Revival, JD McPherson, early British Invasion bands, 1950's-1970's blues rock/soul, and heavier sounds of the grunge era to form a sound of pure raw energy. ... more

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Track Name: Don't Pretend
I won't pretend that you're mine, don't you know it's alright, I'm not a waste of your time, don't you know, don't you know, it's alright, don't you know, don't you know it's alright,

Tell me all of your dreams oh, the strangest is seems its alright, I'll put a seed in your heart, let it grow, let it grow all night, let it grow, let it grow alright

Hold me closer, tell me you're mine, Hold me closer darling now, there's not much more I can bare, the way he treats you is not fair, oh baby, baby, Ohh no, no, no, no , no

Don't close your eyes, Oh no, Whoa there's love yeah there's love, just open your heart,

I won't tell you no lies, you can see it in my eyes its alright, girl don't take me for a fool, I love only you, its alright
It's alright darlin', It's alright darlin', it's alright darlin, it's alright

Hold me closer, it's getting late, Hold me closer, darlin' now, Oh how long can I wait, there's not much more I can take, now baby yeah,
Don't close your eyes, ohh no, whoa, theres love yeah theres love, just open your heart, whoa oh oh
Track Name: Traveling Blues
I've been pushed around, too much now, and it's getting to me, its getting to me, its bringing me down, and I try so hard, to not lose faith in what I believe, what I believe, it feels so good, and I know my heart, more and more, again and again, they pry and pry and try and try, to break me now, I just want to be free

Chorus-And I don't care, what you think now, and I don't care if I skip around, I'm home bound, I'm home bound, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

and I don't need no more superficiality you know what I mean, you know what I mean, all you drama queens, now take your baggage leave it alone at sea, open your heart, and you'll see the love abound around, trust in me, just trust in me


My pockets are full of regret that I've buried in my soul, I've tried so hard to keep on a good face and not let on my rain, Its tragic how I forgot what made me, me, I've searched and searched for something that it seems, I cannot find

yet all along, I denied, ohh my eyes, I was, so blind, so unkind, mean and cruel, oh deceit, it traveled through me, I have no disguise, for my eyes, are as wide, ohh, I cried for love, I cried for love, I cried for love, I cried for love, I cried

Tell me that it's okay
Track Name: You and Me
You and me, we're so tied together, you and me, it feels like forever, I can't go one day without feeling you, we're so tied together

You're draggin' me around, got me feelin' so down, baby, you make me feel like a clown, why ya' hangin' around, whoa oh oh,

You and me, we're bound like a magnet, you and me, the same charge we're stagnant, I can't oh get this off of my mind, I'm feelin' it inside,


Quit draggin' me around, quit draggin' me around
Track Name: Fiery
You gotta love it when they lie, I cut myself on your cries, I was there every night, by your side,

Chorus one:
So here I go, down the same old road, alone again, I feel a burnin' in my soul, but I think it's okay

You gotta love a windy night, I cut myself on my own pride, I believed my own lies for the very last time,

Chorus one

So long, so long, so long, so long, long, hey now, now, now, now, now, now, now

Chorus two
Turn the page, time to rearrange this broken heart, I feel a burnin' in my soul, but I think its okay

Love, Love,Love, hold me still
Track Name: My Heart's Lost Song
So much confusion, it is rackin' my mind, I don't know what is right from right, I spend all my time thinkin' of the future, and what it will bring, whoa oh this is spring,

and I, I , I, and I, I , I

Miss you, miss you, miss you, miss you, miss your love, miss you, miss what we could be

Trust me when I say, I'm workin' hard, I spent all my money, I was thinkin' too hard, I'm tryin' to make things right, I'm escapin' the night, forgive me, for breakin' your heart

and I, I, I
and I, I ,I


You're my heart's lost song, sing it sing now, You're my heart's lost song, sing sing it now
Track Name: Coming On Strong
It's comin' on strong, this feeling I'm doin' everything wrong, there's something I'm not getting , there's something I am missing, what a wonderin' feelin',

The seasons are changing right before my eyes, I'm not gonna fall into demise, I will never surrender, I'll keep my eyes on the prize, forever, forever

I'm taking you along, I'm taking you along, to come see the world with me

I've traveled so much in my life, seeing many seasons, and investing in all of these reasons, that justified my actions, and now I see, how I was alone, Oh I live in this place of Feeling, if something feels wrong or misleading I don't deny my heart's , oh, feeling, I can't hide


Its coming on strong, this feeling of change, oh I know I've got to change my ways, or I'll burn alone, in the depths of my pain, its coming on strong

so strong, gotta move on, past the moon, the lantern of your love....